I wish people would pick up their rubbish.

A lovely setting on the rues of Paris. I didn’t want to sit rather I wanted to shoot so I could then sit in the photograph.

A problem I have at times is composition. My first set-up is more often than not the best which is great, except for the details – rubbish or a twig in the way.

I cannot move!

I haven’t yet been able to attain the original composition once I move. So how do I get rid of the little things front the scene without Photoshop? I don’t unless my assistant picks up his game….I’ll probably be in trouble now 🙂

I am amazed by those portrait photographers that are moving around all the time adjusting the scene and then returning to shoot what I think is the same compositional set-up. All without a tripod.

Well even with a little rubbish this terrace cafe looks delightful.


Street Cafe Decadence

Street Cafe Decadence