While being happy that I had courage that one fine day. It was courage I needed again once I realised I had a phone number, an address and a name and i had to do the initial phone contact (yes again in French).

Having just enjoyed a great Pilates session, I thought it was a good time to phone this new friend of mine to arrange our first organised walking talking session.

Ring ring, ring ring…a man answered. Suddenly lost for words. I stumbled, stumbled terribly to get my message across. This man quickly started saying a lot in French and then hung up. So much for courage and arranging a walky talky session. Thankfully Pilates was great this day and this happening didn’t dampen my mood overly so. In fact, I thought to myself, he probably thinks I am some non native speaker trying to sell him something…We do get this kind of calls, many of them..annoying they are…

So I decided this is what he thought and I decided I totally understood and next time I have to be better prepared with my message.

Two Days Later

It was lunch time. I didn’t want more than a week to pass without contacting this new friend of mine. I was worried I wouldn’t have the courage or motivation the longer I took.

So phone I did, after a little thought as to how I would manage possible scenarios when someone answered.

This time, my new friend answered. Great I thought just introduce myself, then say her name and all would be well and it was. Immediately she knew who I was and what I wanted, but still she let me propose a walk that afternoon – 3pm I had a date.

When reading this it reads quite simple, in reality there was a lot of pushing and shoving of myself to get through this. I am grateful I continued to find the courage and fortitude to carry on.


Promenade Marly le Roi


A lovely walk was had and some great chatter along the way. Growing in confidence even with all my mistakes. I am happy I can tell little stories in this new language of mine – French